Crafty goals

So here we are. A new year. So much time to make so many things.
I’d like to join other makers and list all the things I want to make this year.
But to be honest, I’m feeling a bit uninspired. I love making hats, cardigans and sweaters, but I really want to shift my focus to making things I can use or donate here on Curaçao (donating to charities overseas is an option, but really expensive).

I did buy a lot of cotton yarn when I was in The Netherlands, both new and thrifted, so that limited stash I used to have to deal with is no longer a problem. I also bought some acrylic yarn that would be lovely as a cowl or shawl (those jelly rolls in the middle of the picture), so I think I will start that cowl/showl pattern soon.

But other than that… I don’t know.

There’s a whole lot of that blue cotton and I think I want to make something (a wide sweater or a kimono) to wear over my swimsuit at the beach, but I don’t think I can handle that much lace. This page gave me some ideas though. Drop stitch! Brilliant.

I’d like to try and make some stuffed animals (lots of children here to give them too), but I’d have to use patterns that you need to follow row by row (I like mindless repeats) and dpn’s. Those are both things that scare me right now. Dpn’s for finishing a hat are okay though, so maybe I’m just being silly. And well, I have to get used to shaping and tight knitting and things like that before I can try to figure things out for myself (my favorite way of knitting).
I did a little search and here are some patterns that I like: owl, fish, doll, sea creatures, teddies (not on dpn’s – ha!)

Oh, and bags. I could try to knit bags. Those are shapes I should be able to figure out without a pattern… And of course, I could use some headbands. I never made any more than the two I originally made, because I didn’t like the yarns I had for that, but I do have some great options now. And if I want easy knitting it might be a great idea to start knitting some placemats, because I have some not washable store-bought ones that are getting gross.

Ha. I guess the best solution for feeling uninspired is to write a blog post about it. Kind of like thinking aloud.

Here’s my list for this week:

– start the cowl
– make a headband
– start the doll (or one of the other toys)

Sewing? Not going to happen this month. Our oldest daughter will arrive Tuesday for a four week (!) stay and I don’t think I will have any time to sew.

4 thoughts on “Crafty goals

  1. Why don't you just let the knitting take you where it wants to go? I only have a few things “planned”, other than that I will just play it by ear. Looking back at 2019 I changed my list a lot as I went along, so maybe lists aren't really my thing. LOL!


  2. Oh, I usually do let the knitting take me, but I found that making lists helps me to focus. I tend to have so many plans in my head that I don't do anything at all. If it's on my list there's a bigger chance I'll actually get to it. But I'm constantly reminding myself that these lists are just for fun.


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