Progress report :: the guest room

I have this thing about painting. I would very much like to be the kind of woman that just goes ahead and paints some walls when she feels like it. But I am not. At all. I tend to procrastinate when I really need to paint and I never paint for fun. I think it has something to do with perfectionism. At least that’s what I was thinking when I finally painted the walls of the guest room this Sunday.
We’ve known D. was coming to visit since. August, so it should have been done a long time ago. But I first needed to accept (yes, there’s that word again) that the result would be better-looking walls, not perfection. And I needed to accept that I make a giant mess while painting. No matter how many precautions I take, I always end up with paint all over myself and usually over the floor also. But hey. We do have a shower (though it’s kind of cold this time of year – no boiler, less sun) and the floor is tiled, so easily scrubbed clean.
Anyway. Long story short, I painted the guest room.
D. was going to arrive on Tuesday. We already ordered the bed on December 29th, but the delivery service was having a Christmas break, so it arrived on Tuesday. I went shopping for curtains and bedding on Monday and I also did a second layer of paint that day, so we had to do all the decorating (and bringing all the books back in) on Tuesday. Yes, that’s cutting it close.
But it all worked out. When D. arrived, the room was waiting for her. And I really like how it looks.
Especially compared to what we started with last May…


We put in a window, replaced the bars and ripped out and replaced the ceiling last year.

And this is what it has looked like ever since – until last Sunday:

But now it looks like this.

It still needs something on the walls and those books will be on shelves eventually, but for now, I’m very happy with it.

7 thoughts on “Progress report :: the guest room

  1. Wow! Looks great. I love that ledge for the books, even if you plan shelves eventually. I will have to go back and look at your old posts. We bought an older home when we first moved up here to Salt Lake City, and had big plans to fix it up and then we started getting contractor bids and just decided to move where we are now, to a better neighborhood. Ended up keeping the older home as a rental property and that is proving to be a good investment so far. I love the ceiling in this room. Thanks for stopping by my bog and leaving a comment. See you again soon!


  2. beautiful! I am lucky in that I married someone who LOVES to paint. I pick the colors and tape off the room and he paints away. I have to listen to his music though…


  3. Thanks! Yes, I allowed myself some shopping and actually found something I liked. Most of the cheaper bedding you can buy here is way too colorful (yellow, orange, red, green) to my taste 😉


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