Garden therapy

We had the most wonderful weekend. Full of sunsets, swimming, friends, music and good food. And also some hard work away from the computer.
On Saturday morning I felt a bit (ahem, a lot actually) restless and stressed, but I decided to ignore my laptop and head into what will be my garden someday to attack the thornbushes in that space.
That was the right decision. I should have known there’s nothing better to work off frustration then clearing big spaces from weeds. Or thorns in this case.

My arms and legs are scratched and I’m still a long way from having that space completely cleared and ready for planting, but I do feel up to facing my e-mail and editing work again.

I told T. to remind me of this and to kick me into the garden when I mention I feel restless and stressed again. Garden therapy always works for me.

Wishing you all a good start to your week!

4 thoughts on “Garden therapy

  1. Lots of work to do, but you have a nice large space to work with. It will be a great garden for you some day I am sure. I enjoy working outdoors with plants too. Have a good one.


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