Right now

Right now I am…

:: looking back on a wonderful, relaxing weekend

:: gearing up for a busy week

:: trying to keep that feeling of “getting there” that I found this weekend

:: feeling a bit weird because there are painters setting up their gear right in front of me

:: excited because they are here to paint the outside of the house

:: listening to the painters deciding on a game plan for the ladders  (it’s a high house, on a steep hill)

:: happy that we decided to invest in professionals to take this off our hands (we’re both afraid of heights)

:: thinking I need to make a list of things to do because my mind is going back and forth between so many things

:: finding myself with very little to say here today

:: thinking I’d better go do something useful

:: wishing you all a great start to your week

2 thoughts on “Right now

  1. Yay for painters to do the job!! Hubster was supposed to be painting on the inside this winter. I may just need to go buy the paint and force him to start! LOL


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