DITL :: 4.4-7.2020

I wasn’t feeling well these past few days. Headache. Not Covid-19 (I think – no other symptoms). Just a normal cluster headache, that lasts for a few days. I didn’t feel like blogging or taking pictures, but I hope things are back to normal now (Wednesday), so here’s some catching up.

Saturday morning it was not too bad. The cat had its breakfast.

And breakfast for us too.

I was reading a different book, but couldn’t concentrate enough to read it. This one is in English (not my native language), but it’s a simple murder mystery. I really liked it. The main character is a New Jersey lady (Lucille) who is about my age (and has the physical problems that go with that age), which makes it really fun to read.


Sunset with cat.

T. made dinner. It was really good.

Sunday morning. A little bit of knitting.

T. played some music.

I finished this book. This was everything you expect from a Vatican thriller. An ancient text that will shake things up, lots of action and in the end the Catholic Church (the institute, not the building) is still standing strong. Unrealistic, but entertaining.

A simple dinner.

It tasted better than it looked.


Part two of the series, but my head hurt too much to concentrate.

Monday. I spent a few hours in bed, but that didn’t help.

The cat was happy I’m up.

I played some Mahjong, read a bit, tried to avoid the news and had a phone call with my parents.
T. made dinner. It looked awful (spinach from a can) but it tasted quite nice (for something that has spinach in it).

 Tuesday: more headaches. I hope this is the last day since tomorrow is the day I’m allowed to go shopping and I need groceries. Waiting till Saturday is not an option. Making a list and sending T. is, but I prefer to go myself.

I forgot to take a picture of our dinner (pasta sauce with white beans instead of pasta).

But here’s another sunset.

4 thoughts on “DITL :: 4.4-7.2020

  1. I pray your headaches subside! My daughter has been plagued with them this past week too. Hubster and both girls suffer from migraines, I have had 2 major ones, but usually just tension headaches for me.


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