A simple shawl

This is not my best knitting year. Every time I finish something I feel like “Wow, I actually finished something!” Oh well.
So here are some pictures of the simplest shawl I ever made. But that’s okay. I may actually wear this one. Or not. I’m starting to believe that no matter how much I love how other people look wearing shawls, I don’t feel right in them. I guess I’m more of a cardigan person. Luckily I have enough of that blue cotton yarn left to make a cardigan too…

10 thoughts on “A simple shawl

  1. It looks beautiful! And even if you don't wear it a lot – sometimes it's enough to have it around in case a friend gets cold in the evening or you need a bit of extra warmth around the neck. If knitting it brought you joy, that's all that counts.


  2. A shawl is nice for when you need the shoulders covered, but not all the rest of you! And don't worry about how you are wearing it, just start and it will evolve of its own. You will learn how best to wear it for each situation. Lovely color, perfect for your island.


  3. I am keeping it around and we'll see what happens. I did make it exactly for that, my shoulders are the part of my body that get cold (well, colder) in the evenings.


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