What's new?


So what’s new?

Well, nothing much, actually. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging. Not much happened. 

I’ve been rather succesful at keeping T. and myself reasonably healthy, though we’ve been extremely tired for weeks (months? I don’t know). Covid is spreading here, but we keep our distance. No happy hours, no big beach bbbq’s.

My house is a mess and so is my garden. Thornbushes are on the winning side and papaya and moringa trees are eaten by iguana’s. Also, there’s a reason they celebrate Harvest Festival in april (the day after Easter) here. Summer is not growing season, it’s “work hard to keep stuff alive” season. I should have known, but I had to learn the hard way…

My herbs are doing reasonably well though. I have even been harvesting little bits. I’m also trying to study herbal medicine more seriously, but well… feeling overwhelmed and having a foggy brain doesn’t really help to get somewhere.

I have been telling myself I need to find a balance between computer work (part of that makes me a little bit of income and part of it just hobby) and home/garden/kitchen work and crafting (that I love) for a while now, but I had a lot of paid work these past few months. I hope to finish the last big project this week and then I’m going to find that balance. I am going to work in the blog though. At least that’s the plan.

You know, my problem is that I can’t really move from one project to another. I’m always thinking “let me finish this first, and then I’ll do better”. But there’s always something new to finish. And if there isn’t… well, wasting time watching youtube or browsing instagram isn’t beyond me (wish it was, actually). The moment I sit down with my computer, I seem to shut off all the rest and I have a really hard time to turn it on again.

Anyway… I need to go and make breakfast and then I’ll do some cleaning before I sit down at that computer again. 

Wishing you all a great start to your week!

6 thoughts on “What's new?

  1. I am so sorry that the iguanas feasted on all the mangos , and I am so sorry that the last months were hard. I hope it will get better for you! I have the same problem with the internet, if instagram happens to feed the depression, I once read the advice that you should “follow makers”, that makes it a lot easier. I hope you find your inner equilibrium again!! If there is anything I can do for you please let me know.


  2. Instagram makes me feel overwhelmed (so much inspiriation) and like a failure (I should do all that and I can't). I should stay away from it, but well, the FOMO is real, I guess. I deleted my account, then made another one because I wanted to follow just a few persons that aren't blogging anymore (Soulemama) and then it spiraled down again. I am going to work on that.Thank you so much for caring! Just knowing that you do, and the comments you leave, help a lot!


  3. It's hard to be home at work and balancing everything else when there is little to do with others. We have a couple that we socialize with distantly and it helps feel like the world is normal.


  4. Yes, that helps. We've been going out for diner a few times at places we trust. It's not the same, but at least it's something. And I'm sure someday it will be safe again to travel and do all those things we loved to do when we moved here.


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