In my garden

 I was planning to do a garden tour, with lots of explanations and things like that, but… well… my garden is still a big mess. And I don’t really have time right now to write blog posts like that. But I do want to get into a blogging routine again, so I decided to just post some random garden pictures this week.

My moringa tree. One of three actually. I grew them from seeds. This one is the highest. Almost four metres already (they tend to go up first and spread out after that). It’s hard to see in the picture, but it’s blooming. I plan to plant more of these trees (already have some seedlings going), since we drink moringa tea daily (for it’s healing properties) and it would be nice to harvest that from my own garden.

I sowed some cucumber seeds and those came up pretty quick. Some local gardeners on facebook make a big deal about the whole process of pollination, but I just hope the bees will do their jobs. Meanwhile, I love those bright yellow flowers.

My desert rose is still going strong. I bought it two years ago when we still lived in our rental studio and it hasn’t stopped blooming since.

This is a new one. Lantana. The flowers change color from bright red to light orange. It also has some healing properties, but I haven’t had time to study those.

Besora kora. This one is considered a weed, It does grow everywhere, but I really like it. I’m told they use the above ground parts in water for cleaning in India. Here they use it for smudging. The stems make excellent brooms (that’s what I’m told, still need to try to make one) and the roots are used to make a gargle for sore throats.

I am studying local herbs and trees. Most of it on my own, by trying to find out about the plants I have in my garden, but I’m also following workshops with our most well known local herbalist. I have a lot to learn (so many plants I’ve never seen before), but I love it so much. 

6 thoughts on “In my garden

  1. I have grown lantana in the US in California and in Texas. I had a purple-blooming one in California that had flowers non-stop for 15 years! All it ever needed was a little water and to be cut back before taking over the house. It's a great plant. If you find out more about its healing properties I hope you will post about it here; I know nothing about that.


  2. That works too 😉 Here I'm the one making decisions about the plants that go in, but he weighs in (heavily) about the layout, paths and things like that. He also does most of that work, so I guess that's only fair.


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