A whole lot of nothing

Even though we’re home together almost every day of the week, I still feel like weekends should be a little bit more special. But sometimes it’s just not. We didn’t do much at all. Or maybe that made it special? I was planning on taking pictures, but the blogger in me is not fully awake yet. The picture above is all I have.

It was finally a bit warmer last Friday and Saturday (the rest of the country was complaining it was hot), so part of me felt more alive then I’ve felt since we arrived here, but the other part decided it was time for a three-day-headache, so I spent most of the weekend on the couch (again – I’ve been sick on and off for weeks months now).

We visited my father on Sunday for Father’s day. He was very happy to have all his children together for a little while (we arrived early and left shortly after my sister, brother and sister-in-law arrived).

Despite the headache, T. and I took a (short) walk in the woods both on Saturday and Sunday. I hope to keep that up during the week. I really need to get off that couch more. Living in a tiny cabin with a low-maintenance garden should be relaxing, but I find I’d rather be a bit more busy. Even though I’d like to be one of those really calm and relaxed people, I think I need the thrill of a to do list get me moving.

I do have a rather busy day ahead (well, sort of, compared to what I’m used to these days – twenty years ago I’d call this an easy day). I want to clean the cabin, wash the sheets, maybe organize some cupboards (at least the “pantry” – I shoved everything in there the last time I went grocery shopping and I can’t find anything anymore). I want to take that walk, need to pay some bills and this afternoon one of the girls will be visiting and staying for diner, so I have to see what I can make for that with what I have. T. is at a client’s, so I don’t have a car today.
Oh, and I also want to knit a bit. I was planning to show you the finished project of what I was working on in the picture above, but a few hours after I took it, I frogged the whole thing. Sometimes “winging it” doesn’t work out.

Anyway, it’s time to start tackling that to do list. Wishing you all a great start to your week!

2 thoughts on “A whole lot of nothing

    1. Thanks. Yes, it’s great to be able to be with him these days. He will never fully recover (he had pneumonia on top of his lung emphysema), but we hope we can find a good care home for him.


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