Hard work and much needed rest

These three pictures kind of capture my weekend. On Saturday we packed some my father’s possessions (that sounds so much easier than it was) and stored it in our shed for the rest of the weekend. I took out his nice jackets and ties, because they get ruined after days and days in a stuffed suitcase (and sadly, he needs them this week for a funeral).

On Sunday T. had a date with our girls for his birthday and Father’s day (I had my date with them last month), so I was without a car for the day.. Not that I would have been able to drive or do anything. I was so tired that I spent the day on the couch, watching Youtube and knitting. I needed that!

And then I spent some time trying to plan the week. I want to get the whole moving/packing/sorting stress over with as soon as possible, so we’ll be driving a lot (my father’s old apartment is 2,5 hours away from us) and making long days moving things around. But it will be worth it. This has been weighing on my mind too long already. Knowing we have to do this, is one of the main reasons we decided to stay here longer (after being able to see my father of course). Part of me is panicking because of the amount of things we’ll have to go through (we haven’t even made a dent – or so it seems), but it’s also good to be able to finally do something.

Wishing you all a great start to your week (and for my American readers: Happy 4th of July!)!


Well, that didn’t go as planned. I wanted to post more often, but this week was quite the emotional roller coaster.

My father got offered a room in a care home, so we were so happy to finally be able to have him live in a place where he can have his own things surround him (he has been in hospital rooms for almost three months now). But… we went to look at it on Sunday and that room was ridiculously small, dark and depressing. We were shocked, to be honest, but we have no experience with care homes, so we asked around first, to find out if this considered normal. Turned out it wasn’t, so we didn’t take it.

Then they offered him a bigger room. My sister and my father went to see that one on Wednesday. I had a severe cold, so I stayed home, but I did see the pictures. And this time it is a good one. Light, bigger, with his own bathroom (the other one he had to share) and enough room to put in a small table, his favorite chair, a little bookcase and a small display cabinet for his collection of knickknacks that all hold special meaning to him. So he will move next Wednesday. T. and I are going to his apartment tomorrow to pack up his things (well, the things he wants to have in his new place).

I am trying to be reasonable about it and I do focus on being practical, but I feel sad that this is how it’s going for him. He can’t go pack himself, so everything he owns will be going through our hands the coming weeks (we need to empty out the house and sell it). Of course we won’t get rid of things without consulting him, but it feels wrong that his privacy is totally gone this way.

We also were very stressed out this week about the tropical storm that was about to hit Curacao. While it was good not to be there in case it hit hard, it was also frustrating not to be able to do anything to protect our house. Luckily it passed without any major problems. Just minor flooding from the rain in the lowest regions of the island, but that happens regularly.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well, but I’m ready for some peace and quiet. Let’s hope July turns out to be a good month!

(unrelated picture, but isn’t he cute?)

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!