A pebble vest

I’ve always had this list in the back of my mind. A list of baby things I’d like to knit, but I never had a baby to knit them for. My kids were little before the internet, which I think is mostly a blessing, except for the knitting and sewing inspiration I missed out on. My niece and nephews were also born before I started reading knitting blogs and well, sometimes we’d like more babies in our family, but it just doesn’t happen.
So I just admired them on other people’s blogs and hoped that one day I’d have a reason to make them. Well, that reason will be born in December, so here we go.

First on the list: a pebble vest (link to pattern). Amanda Soule made so many of these, I just had to try and make one too. Such a fun and easy knit! I will have to contain myself, but I would love to make many more of these (maybe in cotton they would be perfect as a shirt for little ones out here?).
The buttons I found in my collection (i.e. a big tin filled to the brim with old buttons) and I love how they look with the navy blue.

I can’t wait to see this on our little grandson!

5 thoughts on “A pebble vest

    1. I googled Milo. That’s really cute too! I might make one when my grandson is a little bit older. I do like that this one has the buttons along the side for newborns 😉


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