A to-do list (sort of)

Let’s just about forget the groceries, the cleaning, the weeding and all those other chores for a while, okay?

Here’s what the fun to-do list in my head looks like:

:: find buttons for newest baby knit (and weave in ends).

:: organize craft stuff (so much more fun than organizing paper clutter, isn’t it?

:: make a dress. Or five. (aka: stop hoarding fabric for dresses and start making them)

:: cast on for baby blanket

Now, where to start?

6 thoughts on “A to-do list (sort of)

  1. A dress! Make a dress! I love seeing the knitted baby things but make a dress this time. =)

    My mom used to have an old cookie tin full of buttons. I wonder whatever happened to it? Hmm.


    1. I’ll try to get to the dresses, but getting all my sewing stuff out feels like a really big thing (it isn’t, but you know how these things go). But I really do need some new dresses, so I think I’ll just force myself to start them soon.


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