Very sophisticated

I’m sorry that I haven’t been answering your sweet comments, nor reading and commenting on your blogs this week. I had these last few posts prepared, so I decided to go ahead and publish them, but this week has been a rough one. No big stuff, don’t worry, just a bit of sickness and a lot of annoying little things that left me exhausted and burnt out. I hope things will be back to (somewhat) normal next week.

Another one of the patterns on my if-I-ever-get-a-baby-to-knit-for-list was the Baby Sophisticate. And oh my goodness, it’s so, so cute!

I had to adapt the pattern a little bit, but it turned out really well. I had thinner yarn (and thus thinner needles) than the pattern calls for, so I used the amount of stitches to cast on for the bigger size, but kept the length you have to knit at the smaller size. I also added a few stitches (3 at each side) for the underarms, to make the body just a little bit wider.

And then I had to find the right buttons. Oh my. I have so many buttons, but it was really hard to find some for this one.

Still, it ended up just right, I think. Very sophisticated indeed.

(I’m tempted to try and find a pin stripe fabric and make him some very sophisticated trousers to go with this)

7 thoughts on “Very sophisticated

  1. Another wonderful creation. I bet he’ll look adorable in this. Even before I saw which button you’d decided on, I was thinking ‘Red ones, red ones!’ lol


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