Almost sewing dresses

Look what I did! I know, it’s far from instagram worthy. But I don’t care. Those are not an ugly old desk and a crusty old chair. That’s my very own sewing corner and I couldn’t be happier with it.

I thought I’d quickly start sewing some dresses, but I was smart and decided to see if things were still working first. Well, they weren’t. My thread kept breaking and my stitches were a mess. So I cleaned my machine thoroughly and oiled it. That, and a spool of brand new thread, did the trick. (and then I looked back in my archives and discovered that my poor machine had not been used since the last time I made dresses. In March 2020. Oy! No wonder it needed a bit of oil).

I started by repairing my old dresses and adding pockets to them. I figured I could try that out first, before ruining my new fabrics with pockets that look weird. Well, first of all, it doesn’t look weird at all, and second: I love having pockets on my dresses! So that will happen for all of them from now on.

So, did I actually make a dress? Well, almost. I cut the fabric. And then life happened and I never got to sewing. But it’s right there, in my sewing corner, so I’m sure I will pick it up very, very soon!

6 thoughts on “Almost sewing dresses

    1. Thanks. Yes, it is. Oh, the turtle… I designed and made it way back in 2007 (I think) and had grand ideas of selling them as toys. But I didn’t have a budget to buy child save material, so it ended up as my pin cushion. I still love it though and maybe I’ll make it again (I think I still have the pattern pieces) for our grandson. Although I still need to look into save material…


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