And one more makes six

And here’s the last one (for those of you who didn’t read the other posts: I decided rather last minute that it would be nice to give our three girls, the two son-in-laws and our soon to be born grandson hats for Christmas).

I made it semi-matching with the father-son hats, since this is for the mom-to-be. I ran out of the dark blue yarn, but I thought these eyelet holes are similar to, but also a nice change from the stripes. I actually really like this one.

14 thoughts on “And one more makes six

  1. oh! i love it! great job on getting all your presents made!
    i just found the hat you made for me some years ago – and i got a pompom to add to it – i’ll post a picture soon – i’ve been wearing it often in the past month and i love it!


    1. Oh, that’s so wonderful! I can’t belief you still have it. I’m going to take your quilt with me to the Netherlands this time. We have our own little cabin there now and I bet it will get a lot more use in the cold.


      1. i love knowing that you still have the quilt! i still have the one you made for me – i sleep under it every night – it is the perfect extra blanket for just my side of the bed – i keep adding patches as some of those vintage fabrics are fraying with use. we should post pictures of our quilts one of these days!


      2. We should take pictures, but sadly that will have to wait till I’m back home. It didn’t fit in my hand luggage (we travel with hand luggage only).


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