Kitchen doings

I’m still not sure about these posts, but I like them too much to stop doing them (and also, if I would stop posting everything I’m unsure about, this blog would be dormant again). So let’s just go ahead. I do want to write a little disclaimer in advance though: this is just an impression of what we eat, not a day-to-day log. I also tend to forget to take pictures when I’m making something special. But I guess that’s when I’m really “in the moment”, so I’m not going to feel bad about it.

Yes, yes, we have soup for lunch every single day. I have a few recipes that I love (the not so attractive looking brew on the right is actually a delicious lentil soup), but I also tend to just add water, salt and some herbs to leftovers and eat that as soup. Works wonderful.

I bought those pickles mostly because I wanted that big jar to store herbs in. It was on sale and we both love pickles, so I thought it would be a great deal that way. But I didn’t read the label. Hot ‘n spicy. Or maybe I did see it, but I didn’t think they really meant hot ‘n spicy. In our experience American food isn’t as spicy as they want you to think.
Well… this was spicy alright. Way too spicy in fact. Not edible spicy. I can’t imagine that this is normal. Maybe those jars have been in a hot storage too long? Heat tends to intensify hot spices.

Anyway, I decided to try one thing before throwing it away and used a food processor to make them into a “hot sauce”. We’ll see if use it up that way.

Um, these are the only dinners I took pictures off… Oh, well. Yes, we love stir fry. A lot. Not just how it tastes, but the whole process of making it. No recipe, just use the meat is thawed (we rotate between chicken and minced beef, with the occasional beef strips mixed in), selecting some veggies from the fridge, maybe a can of beans or corn the pantry, add some herbs and spices and voilá, another lovely meal (most of the time – some experiments taste better than others)

Onions are such a staple for us I think there doesn’t a day go by without them. Do you cry when cut you them? I have had contact lenses since I was fourteen and they somehow protected my eyes. But I stopped wearing a lense in my right eye, since aging is tipping the balance over to an almost perfect eyesight (for now – I guess I will progress, or rather regress to needing reading glasses for that eye). So now I’m crying from one eye when I have to cut a lot of onions. And that still makes me smile, because it’s so silly.

(I’ve also be doing a bit of herbal crafting in my kitchen, but I’ll share that in a seperate post)

10 thoughts on “Kitchen doings

  1. It’s been a trend the past couple years here in the US, to create hotter/spicier food. It’s like a challenge to see how hot you can tolerate. When we were selling at the local farmers market the previous two years, our booth neighbor was a very popular pickle vendor, and she had a chart of how progressively hot her pickles were. Hubby loves the challenge and worked his way all the way to the hottest. LOL

    I like this post. I’m always curious about everyday life in other countries. When we went to Germany many years ago, we did hit some tourist spots, but I absolutely loved just going to the little grocery store near where we were staying and seeing what was normal there, what the people were buying. It was so funny too, because they had an ‘American’ section with things they claimed were popular in the US. Hubby and I laughed because most of the things definitely were not! The one I remember most was corn pizza. Uh, nope! lol


    1. I really don’t like things too spicy. Our favorite little restaurant grows it own scorpion peppers and makes sauces of it. Um, no thanks. I’ll pass. 😉
      That “American section” is funny. We just have American products here, because the US is closer than Europe. But I still find myself going for the Dutch brands if they have them. I’m just more used to how that tastes…


  2. We end up with soup everyday for lunch after I make a big pot! But it’s usually a pre-planned soup, not a make from scratch, I am usually not good at that. I made Taco Soup with beef the other night, it is scrumptious! Tonight I am making a pork shoulder roast, which means I will have leftovers to throw in a stir fry over the weekend, those are the best!


    1. Ha, yes! I guess you need good lighting and some editing software to take good food pictures. But I’m too lazy for that (also, I don’t want my food to get cold while I’m struggling to take a picture 😉 )


  3. i love onion – and a trick i have learned to not cry when i cut them – keep them refrigerated before cutting – for some reason that helps a lot! also – if it is a particularly potent onion, treat it like it has a core (like an apple) that you cut around – and either cut the core/center section last or not at all. 😉


    1. I always refridgerate them in Curacao, or they’ll go bad within days. I did notice I cry more in The Netherlands, but I never knew this was the reason. And leaving out the core sounds like a good tip. Going to try that!


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