Palate cleansing

Is that the right expression? I think it is…

I was working on this knitting project a bit yesterday when I realized that I’ve had this on the needles since late August. I think I cast on for it right after we got home from our summer in The Netherlands. Since then, I finished a baby blanket, a baby vest, a baby cardigan and six hats. But I never finished this, even though I work on it regularly.

Usually I’m a one-project-girl; I finish the project I’m working on before I start anything else. Even when I allow myself a bit of startitis because of all the online inspiration and all the ideas in my head, I always end up finishing them one by one.

But this one seems to be different. I pick it up when I finish one project and then abandon it as soon as I feel ready to dive into something new. First I thought that maybe I should just rip it out. Clearly it doesn’t excite me all that much. But then I realized that it’s something else. Just a simple, soothing project that helps me to move on to the next exciting new one. A palate cleansing, that’s what it is.

I’m actually almost done with it. It’s close to ten rows of ten squares, but I have enough yarn to do twelve rows, so I think I’ll do that. And after I finish it? Well, there’s more boring basic yarn in my stash, so I may just cast on and start knitting something similar again.

Oh… you might wonder what it is. Well, to be honest: I don’t know. It’s a very soft cotton, it’s too big to be a dish cloth, but too small to be a baby blanket. Maybe a dish towel? I don’t really care. I’m sure I will find a way to use it one way or the other.

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