A first try

Although I love knitting very much, I have been trying to get myself into crochet for a long time. I started with a set of potholders, proceeded to learn granny squares and then kind of got stuck there (you can find all my crochet posts here). I did make my father a scarf in a different stitch a few years ago and I enjoyed that very much, but I always got back to knitting.

Since we moved to Curacao, I have been looking at other ways to craft. When you’re in a colder climate only a few weeks every year, it just doesn’t make sense to knit sweaters, hats and scarfs so much. So I have been thinking about crochet, and specifically amigurumi, a lot. And since we knew we had a little grandson coming, the idea of making toys became more and more attractive.

But the thing is… patterns scare me. There, I said it. I can read knitting patterns, but I prefer them in English. Dutch knitting patterns confuse me. And crochet patterns are even worse. Did you know dc is a whole different stitch in the UK than in the US? Yeah, that kind of confusing.

So – you probably guessed where I was going if you’ve been following my blog for a while – I winged it. I mean, how hard can it be?

Meet Cat. My very first crochet toy. There is so much that I would do different a second time, but I also learned a lot figuring out how to make him. It was fun. I’m definitely going to try again (to be honest I already started).

To be continued…

4 thoughts on “A first try

  1. I suck at crochet. I can do it, but since I am a strong right hander, I can’t strand yarn in my left hand. Hence I am an English knitter. I don’t knit small toys about making a monkey ages ago and having to knit small tubes and stuff them for the legs and arms! LOL But how cute is that cat! Hope you get the hang of it without having to read patterns.


    1. I’m a strong left hander, but holding that yarn with my left hand is the part that I struggle the most with. I think that’s the reason I do English knitting too.


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