I found it!

I finally found the library! Yeah, I know that sounds silly, but they moved in the summer (when we were away) and I just couldn’t find the adress they listed on the website (google maps isn’t all that acurate here). But two weeks ago, I suddenly saw them, right at the side of the road I drive on almost weekly, because it connects the two supermarkets I go to most frequently. That’s so great!

I usually get books on alternative medicine or regional history and stories from the library. They have a lot of books in their collection that are no longer for sale.

What I took home with me this time, top to bottom:
– in the 60’s a priest asked local people for stories about the past and lore. He wrote them all down without comments or analyzing. His books are such a great source!
– a book about menopause. I’m still trying to figure out some facts about that.
– the first book of our famous island herbalist. I bought the other one, but this one is out of print. I have borrowed this many, many times and I’m slowly copying the information in my notebooks.
– a book about the healing powers of water. Could be interesting if they don’t go over-the-top with the spiritual stuff (that’s an extremely fine line with me)

I think they also have a good selection of fiction, but I read a lot of novels on my e-reader, so I’m never really checked those out.
Since I know people will ask what fiction I’m reading: I’m on a Morgana Best binge – if you like cozy mysteries with a bit of paranormal, you should check her out. I just finished 18 (!) books in the Kitchen Witch series and now I’m binging her Vampire and Wine series. I also read Practical Magic and it’s prequel Rules of Magic, by Alice Hoffman. Yeah, there’s theme in my reading these days 😉

4 thoughts on “I found it!

  1. Those little boxes of books for books exchange are interesting. We have one in town, last time I looked it had romance novels and some mysteries. The library always has more books. Reading for knowledge is beneficial.


  2. hurray for the library!
    i used to take maddie and isaac all the time when they were home with me. i don’t go to the library here very often – i keep buying books (ebay and our thrift store are both places where i only spend a few dollars on a book) – so i have quite a few at home that i haven’t read yet.
    if i ever get through my stack at home, maybe i will take a trip to the library!

    the Morgana Best books sound fun. 🙂
    have you read any fredrik backman?


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