Monday musings

Happy Easter Monday!

Is that a thing where you are? It is in the Netherlands, and also here on the island. So despite my intention to start full on blogging again, I’m now on my phone, trying to at least post something, while we’re still in long-weekend mode.

Today is also Seú, the harvest parade, and one day we’ll go and watch that, but I think we’re staying home today.

Our weekend wasn’t a typical Holiday weekend, but it was a good one. We moved our new batteries (150 pounds each) to their spot in the garage, cleaned out said garage (which is not an actual garage, too small for even a tiny car to fit in, but it has a garage door) and than I also cleaned out the shed (which is not an actual shed – remember the little outdoot toilet? we converted that to storage for tools).

I’m always surprised by the amount of trash I end up with after a good clean out. I’m pretty sure we don’t deliberately throw trash in those spaces. Anyway, things look a lot better and organized now.

Tomorrow marks one year since we traveled to The Netherlands in a panic because my father was very ill and then stayed until late August to help him move to a care home and take care of emptying out his apartment. I can’t explain exactly how, but that time messed me up so badly. I am grateful we got to do all that, but I feel like the tiny bit of roots I had finally planted here were torn off. I didn’t feel at home in The Netherlands either, but I’ve been struggling with being back here too. I’m always on edge because it is inevitable that we will get that phonecall again. I know we won’t have to stay for months again if that happens, but my mind is telling me not to settle down, because I am afraid will be uprooted again. I am trying to fight it, but it’s hard. My first focus is always to get the house and the garden in a “we can leave immediately” state. I haven’t even been enjoying working in the garden; I’m just trying to prepare it to be ignored again.

I switched to my laptop to write that last part, because typing that on a tiny on screen keyboard was impossible. I wasn’t planning on writing about it, but I think I’m going to post it anyway. Don’t worry, I am working on it. The first step in healing is to know what you’re healing from, isn’t it? And putting it out there may be just the thing I needed to do to make it more tangible.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to make this a sad post again. The sky is blue, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. It’s going to be a good day.

Wishing you all a great Monday and a good start to your week!

(unrelated picture of a Warawara – I love their haughty attitude)

8 thoughts on “Monday musings

  1. Easter Monday is not a thing here but I do see it on my wall calendar. I hope you’re able to do a little something to make it feel like a holiday, even if other things are rough at the moment.

    “The first step in healing is to know what you’re healing from, isn’t it? And putting it out there may be just the thing I needed to do to make it more tangible.”
    So true. I do think acknowledging even the not so great things is important. I mean, I know people don’t always want to go into all the details of things but I also think if people just constantly gloss over everything and only present a happy face, it’s not doing them any good. I might whine and rant a bit too much for some peoples taste on my blog (lol) but when I’ve tried to just post the positives it almost feels like I’m being fake. It almost feels like a personality I need to step into, and I don’t like that.

    Anyway, me rambling again. LOL


    1. I don’t mind your honest and real posts, but for me, I’m trying to find a balance. This blog used to be my happy place, focused on the good stuff, but that’s also why I don’t post when life gets hard and I don’t want that to happen anymore either. So there will be whining sometimes…


  2. Don’t worry about the tone of your blog, it’s your blog and a place to put out there what needs to be said. And you may be right, confronting the issue might help you work through it. Happy Monday! It’s just a regular Monday here.


    1. Thanks! All this supportive comments really help. I will never turn this into a “dear diary” blog, but sharing a bit of what’s going on when everything else is on hold does feel good.


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