A dream come true

See that? Yes, it’s true!
We finally found the cupboard of my dreams. I have mentioned before I’d love to have a designated piece of furniture for my herbs, oils, tinctures and herbal/medicinal books. Well, I’ve got one!

Funny story: my husband actually saw this in the second hand shop and wanted to buy it for our living room, not knowing what to use it for. He just thought it would look nice there. So I claimed it. It’s in the kitchen now, because he still has to finish some work in the corner of the living room where it’s supposed to go, but I filled it up already. Doesn’t that look nice and organized? (I think I’ll add some shelves eventually)

It may end up staying in the kitchen though, because this thing is solid wood and extremely heavy. Also, it was hard to find a spot for our hands to really get a good grip on it. We had to MacGyver it up the hill and into the house by attaching a ladder to it and carrying it one yard at a time.

But we both think it’s worth it. Such a beautiful (vintage) piece of furniture!

8 thoughts on “A dream come true

    1. Yes, it’s so beautiful! And I’m so happy to finally have the apothecary of my dreams (although I have been eyeing it for yarn storage too… – I may need another one)


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