Not clicking (or is it?)

This post by Alissa about the name of her blog reminded me that I started this blog as a knitting blog way back in 2006 when I did a lot (a whole lot!) of knitting. But these days… I’m trying to get back to it, but somehow the projects I try don’t really “click”. You know, that special something you need to pick up those needles as often as you can, because you just want to keep knitting.

I am working on something though, and I thought I might as well show you.

I have a lot of single skeins of cotton yarn that I bought at a thrift store years ago. And I’m kind of struggling to find something to do with them, but too frugal to just buy a whole lot of new yarn. So I started knitting a striped top, figuring I could just knit a tube and add some narrow shoulder bands if I don’t have enough yarn for sleeves. I weighed the part I have knit already and the rest of the yarn and I should be able to get a long enough body, but I can’t really get myself to knit much on it. Maybe I should just frog it and use the yarn for something else.

I also have been thinking about knitting a sweater for our grandson. We’ll be seeing him in May and than probably not until he is one year old in December. So if I make him a sweater in a 1 year size (80-86 in European sizes, I think) he should be able to wear it in Fall and maybe throughout winter. I would like to make a Baby Surprise Jacket. It’s on that list of baby things I never got to make. The fact that the sleeves usually come out a bit short may be perfect for a crawling toddler. There’s still a lot left over from the beige and dark blue that I used to knit a sweater and a vest for him before, so I could do stripes. And while I’m at it, maybe I could knit some matching pants? Now that I’m writing this I have to admit there is at least a little bit of a “click” there…

(edited to add: after I wrote this post I cast on for a BSJ and I’m loving it!)

5 thoughts on “Not clicking (or is it?)

  1. Sometimes it just needs to be the right project to lure you back to the needles. Glad you found that click! Right now for me hats are the click. I started a sweater for Squish, but never finished it. Maybe it’s time to finish it for Rowdy?


    1. Oh hats… I try to restrain myself, because I really don’t have anyone to knit hats for, but I think hats are still the things I enjoy making most. Ha, would be nice to finish it for Rowdy, but if it doesn’t click…


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