Thrifted treasures

Some of the youtubers I follow post grocery hauls and I’m always amazed how well those videos are received. I do watch them every once in a while myself, but honestly, what fun is there in seeing that someone bought green beans, avocados and grapes? It’s a mystery to me. I have been trying to picture myself filming what I bring home from the supermarket, but no… Not going to happen.

Thrift store hauls though… yes please! Love those! It’s always fun to see what treasures people find and I love sharing the things I dig up on the shelves of our not-so-fancy thrift store.

I popped into the thrift store when I was out for grocery shopping last Tuesday. I almost didn’t, but then I decided I really wanted to, so I took 30 minutes out of that busy morning to have a bit of fun. And here’s what I found, straight from the shop (I did clean them after I took pictures):

How cute is that cat? It’s a tiny teapot and I love it so much! The lady at the thrift store loved it too. She actually started talking to it: “O cutie, someone is taking you away!” And then she had a hard time taking the head off to pack it seperately. But well, I really wanted it to stay safe. I was amazed that it was in such a good condition to start with and I would have hated to have it broken on the way home.

A tiny glass duck… Such a cute find. And I’m so happy the little beak and tail are still whole – they had some other cute little animals, but those were all damaged badly.

And a perfume bottle. Also in very good condition.

Of course I didn’t walk away without books. I never do. I actually had a good book day.

The stack on the left is from the free libraries in two supermarkets (I had to visit four to find our weekly supply of rice cakes). The stack on the right is from the thrift store. I paid 15 guilders (about 8,50 in dollars) for everything. The cat tea pot was priced at 10 guilders, so the rest was very cheap.

5 thoughts on “Thrifted treasures

  1. I love watching grocery hauls! I’ve wondered why myself. I think, for me at least, it’s just interesting to see what other people are buying, see if I can get any ideas for something new to try. Or just to see what other stores have to offer.

    I like thrift hauls too, but only if the person is truly looking for treasures for themselves. When people go in and buy things just to clean up and resell on eBay, nah, not interested.


    1. Oh, I agree, I don’t like watching resellers at all. It’s the joy of finding something you like that makes it fun to watch (or read), not the promise of making money.


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