Right now


summer night

summer night

rainbow garden

for knit-a-square

Right now I am…

:: feeling disconnected. Things have been really off here lately

:: hoping to find my peace again soon

:: posting some random pictures that I took earlier (as in two weeks ago… oh my.. where did those days go?)

:: trying to remember to take some pictures today

One thought on “Right now

  1. ha. you and i are in the same boat. we finished our g+e week and then life happened . . .i just posted a “right now” post, too. :)and i'm hoping to take some pictures today and keep up with my posting a bit better – i miss it when i'm not in my blog-space.your garden is looking wonderful! i know it's a work in progress – and it's coming. 🙂 i hope you are enjoying it as you work on it and i hope you are getting to relax in it!hugs to you!


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