Right now

Right now I am…

:: so grateful for the real summer we’re having, after the coldest, wettest May and June in decades
:: feeling my muscles hurting from the yard work I did yesterday
:: but smiling every time I see that little corner of our yard
:: tired after a night of not sleeping very well.
:: hoping the neighbours’ cat(s) we are babysitting will not escape again tonight. That’s what kept me awake, worryin. We caught the little one, but the other one just wouldn’t come back. I do understand that though. How can we explain to them that they have to stay inside until their family returns?
:: going back and forth between depression and hope. Hope will win. It usually does. Eventually.
:: ignoring one thing on my todo list that I need to get done as soon as possible
:: wondering why I still don’t like using the phone, after all these years of being an adult and just doing it when needed
:: thinking I should get to it right now
:: loving that picture. Those flowers have the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen
:: hearing the wind outside (and cars, but I’ve learned to ignore them)
:: wishing you all a great week

3 thoughts on “Right now

  1. hello G ~i love your petunias, too!and sore muscles – after hard work or hard play are pretty great!i also don't enjoy talking on the phone . . . funny . . . love E


  2. Oh yes, I kind of like those kind of sore muscles (much better than the kind you get from a day of grocery shopping and running errands). Glad you can relate 😉 It turned out to be not even a one minute call…


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