Right now

Right now I am…

:: looking back at a wonderful weekend

We started it on Friday evening like we do most weekends: by visiting Seaquarium Beach, have a bite to eat and a few drinks, while watching the sun set into the sea. We never get tired of that!

On Saturday we worked all day and it felt good. It’s silly how chosing to work can make such a difference in how it feels… T. dove into getting to know a different programming language then he normally uses and I worked on my Dutch blog and my book. Yes, that’s right. I’m afraid to jinx myself if I write it down, but it seems my writer’s block is finally over!

On Sunday we drove to the west part of the island and visited Shete Boka (Seven Coves), a national park on the North Coast we love very much.

:: knitting

Hats, of course. Working on #8. Note to myself: Bring more yarn next time. I still love knitting hats, but I’d also like to pick up something else every once in a while.

:: reading

I’m really enjoying the columns a famous Dutch writer (mostly known for her children’s books) wrote in the fifties. I love the way she plays with language and I also love that she dares to write what she thinks, even if it was something less acceptable in those days (she was a feminist). It’s kind of inspiring.

I also read a book by Andreas Eschbach, but it seems that there isn’t an English version (I read it in Dutch). To bad. I think he’s one of the best writers of our time. Trying to find English versions I also found out that a lot of his books aren’t translated in Dutch either (he’s German). I can read German if I really want to, but it’s not a fun language to read… Still, his stories are great, so maybe I will, sometime.

At the moment I’m reading and writing both in Dutch and English and I’m trying to learn Papiamento (the local language on Curaçao). I think that’s enough languages in one mind for a while.

Since I keep hearing that the Matchmakers’ series I enjoyed so much is comparable to Janet Evanovitch’s books, I’ve started reading “One for the money” on Saturday. I like it sofar, but I can’t download the rest of the series within my e-book subscription, so I can’t read the whole series.

When I finish it I plan to start reading an historic novel about Curaçao. I feel like I should learn more about the place we want to settle, so this is a good start (I know novels aren’t the best source, but this is written by an historian, so I assume he does have his facts straight).

:: writing

Lots of articles in Dutch. I hope to be back to more active blogging in English soon, but for now I’m stuck with Dutch, it seems. I’m also looking forward to keep going with my book.

:: making lists

And lists of lists to make. Hmn. Relax, Maggie, relax (oh, I was so right to pick that as my word for 2018)! But there’s so much to think about. We return to Holland in about a month, but only to sell our house and to take care of lots of small things. And then (we hope in July, but it may take us longer) we’ll return to Curaçao to permanently live here. O my!

We did decided to give ourselves two years here in rentals and then we’ll evaluate if we want to stay or return (or move on to some other place).

:: thinking

About this blog and where to go with it. But also thinking that maybe for now it’s enough to enjoy what it is now. It’s fun to write about knitting and life. And I love the connections and comments. But then again, there’s so much more I’d to write about and…

Relax, Maggie, relax… 😉

Bon Siman! Wishing you all a great week.

(linking up with Jeannie Gray Knits’ Makers’ Monday)

4 thoughts on “Right now

  1. Thank you for reminding me about the Matchmaker series. It was buried deep down in my reading queue. I LOVED Janet Evanovich's “number” books. Stephanie Plum is such a fun, quirky character and the most outrageous, unbelievable things happen to her. She reminds me of the young version of myself. :)Wow! That photo of Seven Coves is wonderful! Makes me want to hop on the next plane out.


  2. Now that I've read “One for the money” I can tell you that Gladie from the Matchmaker series is even funnier and quirkier. I love characters like that. But they remind me of who I wanted to be when I was younger (I was pretty shy and serious myself).Oh yes, Seven Coves is one of the most beautiful spots on Curaçao.


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