Life got in the way

I really wanted to post this morning, but we left at seven and were gone all morning. And then I looked at the post I prepared for today and I didn’t like the vibe of it. Busy, busy, busy, fail, fail, fail. I’m obviously not able to handle lists of “goals” when I already feel overwhelmed. And yes, as someone commented on last week’s list, I was overambitious. And I didn’t even mention the mental list I have of things I want to do before we go to the Netherlands next month and the sudden realization that yes, I really want to see family and friends, but I do have to plan those meetings and then there’s Christmas and maybe Sinterklaas and… Oh my.

It’s time to take a deep breath, toss the lists, try to focus on what’s important (or just plain fun) and let go of the rest.

So I decided to post another random iguana picture today and wish you (and myself) a peaceful and calm week.

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