A sick day (or three)

Last Friday, I felt seriously under the weather. I had been sniffing a bit throughout the week, but I woke up that morning with a sore throat and feeling feverish. Although the media assure us that The Virus is not on the island, I thought I’d better be safe than sorry and rest as much as possible (I tend to ignore colds).
That was actually really, really hard.
But I managed.

I did a little bit of laundry, some cooking and the dishes and I wiped down the toilet, but other than that, I just rested, read a book, browsed through the archives of soulemama.com*, did some knitting and drank a lot of tea and lime juice.

Did it help?

I intended to wake up Saturday and get back to work. My garden has been neglected since that one weekend and there were some other chores to do too. But I felt even worse than Friday, so I took another day off. And on Sunday I felt slightly better, but still not up to work.

So that one sick day turned into a long weekend. Oh well, I guess I needed it.
Today, I do feel better. Still not good, but at least up to some house and computer work. I’m still coughing and sniffing though. And now T. is still in bed, feeling sick…
I guess this won’t be a productive week.
Although all that sitting and resting is good for knitting. I almost finished that hat and I finally got a big part of the Current Cowl done too.
I may need to rest just a little bit more…

*yes, I know I’m obsessed, but her blog -especially the older posts – always make me feel happier, relaxed and more grounded

4 thoughts on “A sick day (or three)

  1. I am fighting a bug over here. I wish I had a mighty immune system that could tackle anything but sadly I nearly always need medical intervention. I hope you feel better.


  2. Everyone needs to heed your advice and rest and get better instead of continue on. Maybe half of the illnesses would spread less if we all stayed home? Hope you both are back to normal soon!


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