Rain and blooms

The last bit of the hurricane season is proving to be quite serious. Don’t worry, we hardly ever get hurricanes. We do get tropical waves and tropical storms though. And that means we’re having lots and lots of rain these days.

We did have a little bit of water coming in (the windows aren’t exactly build to keep water out and there’s this one wall that’s half under the surface of the hill) but we’re happy to be high enough not to have any of the “flooding in the usual places”- as our weather channel calls it. The clouds are blocking the sun, so we don’t get enough power from our solar systems these days, but luckily we do have a back-up from the power company now (we did without for almost two years).

So – mindful about people being less fortunate with this weather – I’m actually quite enjoying it. Everything is so green right now and there are flowers and blooms everywhere.

Um, ignore the mess in that last picture. Weeds are growing really fast too these days. I have been wanting to do “in my garden” posts for a while, but I get stuck overthinking it, because taking good pictures of the garden as a whole is pretty much impossible. And then I don’t take pictures at all (the other pictures are plants on or around our porch). And I wonder what to tell you about that garden anyway. It’s not a regular vegetable garden that keeps changing over the months. And who is interested in a garden in a very specific climate (tropical island) anyway? As I said, overthinking.

Because I’d be interested to see it myself and it will be fun to try and capture the things I notice (it will also help me to notice more, I think). And it will be even more fun to talk about my plans and ideas and dreams… Yes, it will be great to do garden posts…

So I plan on sharing more next week. (There, that’s a promise, now I have to do it, don’t I?)

4 thoughts on “Rain and blooms

  1. Yes, that means you have to do. I’ll be here checking. :p
    You photos make me think of spring, and here we are in the US with things turning colors and dying off for winter. One of the fun things about the blog community is getting to see how other parts of the world are. I have a bloggy friend from my old blog days who recently touched base, and she is in Australia now. She’s coming into summer season and I’m talking about how cold it’s getting in early fall. So interesting!


  2. I would love to see your garden, like Deb I love to see gardens and life in other places. I would not be able to to tell what a weed is in a garden that is in a country so different from mine anyway! Your flowers are wonderful.


    1. Thanks. That was actually one of the most wonderful things of moving here; getting to know the plants and the trees. I find that in the Netherlands (where I lived for the first 48 years of my life) things are familiar, but here the connection is deeper because of the learning curve.


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