Bali 1

Bali 4

Bali 10

(More pictures here)

Right now I am…

:: only halfway our vacation on Bali (I know, three weeks, it’s a bit outrageous, but it was a great deal)

:: doing almost nothing besides sleeping, swimming and going for a (little) walk

:: having a bit of a sunburn going on, despite not being one to really bask in the sun. It’s just that hot and sunny here

:: thinking that burn may soon become a nice tan

:: marvelling at how wonderful it is that we still have ten full days of Bali ahead of  us (and two days travelling)

:: looking forward to the two excursions we planned to see a little bit of the island

:: smiling at our trying to explore Denpasar on our own. It was a bit of a disaster (and I guess that’s where my sunburn comes from – wandering around a big filthy city in the middle of the day), but it was fun to try it.

:: feeling a bit funny to admit that one of our favorite places to spent some hour at night (coming just after the seats on the beach where we sit and watch the stars) is an Irish pub. Yes, really. They have live music each night and some very nice people working there.

:: finding it hard to explain that the best band they have is called The Leprechauns, is playing Irish drinking songs (and other Irish songs and even a bit of U2). Not surprised? The band members are all Balinese. Really. But they do have the most wonderful Irish accent. On Bali everything is possible.

:: glad we finally found a restaurant that serves real Indonesian food. That’s not so common in Sanur it seems. Most restaurants have  the same items on the menu: pizza, steaks and pasta. Oh, and we had some japanese too.

:: having very limited computer time (only when my husband needs to do some work, so let’s hope it stays limited)

:: adding pictures to my flickr set of Bali every few days

2 thoughts on “5-23-2012

  1. When we get the chance to travel, we should make the most out of it, and I guess that’s what you did. There are ways and means for us to be able to navigate through foreign places, like the GPS and digital maps. Pictures of a specific place can also help in identifying landmarks and such. Anyway, enjoy Bali! That’s a great place to do some relaxing!


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