Yarn Along

I’ve always wanted to play along in Ginny’s Yarn Along, but I never really did. Since I already planned to do “writing news” on Wednesdays, and Yarn Along is in fact about yarn and books I thought I’d try to incorporate the two (I’m all about incorporating, integrating and mixing up these days) .

:: knitting: at this point there’s nothing (!) on my needles. I started a scarf with this lovely soft yarn, but on the wrong needles (too thin, the texture felt all wrong and I’m not sure I would be able to make a long enough scarf that way), so I frogged it. I’m going to start over with thicker needles soon. I love this yarn.

:: reading: the reason why there’s no knitting to show is that I have been reading a lot this week. I finished three books, but only one of them is available in English: Obedience by Will Lavender (not visible on the picture, though it is there, beneath the other two). I loved the puzzle and the way he worked out the plot, but I have to admit I had a hard time getting into the story. I would have loved a bit more depth in the main characters. Still, it was a fun read.
The other books were by Marelle Boersma and Wilma Hollander. The first is a thriller about illegal surrogate mothers, the other one is a romance novel. I  loved them both very much (I’m a big fan of both of these women). Wilma writes short stories in English so if you want a taste of her writing, you can visit her here.

:: writing: I have some deadlines approaching fast. I’m working on another concept story and when I finish that I will be working on my new book, a sequel to Incognito and Dilemma (it will be a trilogy, how great is that?). Also my editor and I are working on the final proofing of the book that is coming out this November. Busy times…

4 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. Thank you! My reading comes and goes in fits it seems, sometimes I hardly read anything, sometimes I read a lot. And I think reading time and knitting time are the same, since I'm always knitting less (or not at all) when I'm reading a lot 😉


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