Crafty goals

This week was… well, busy. Mostly in a good way, but I am at that point again where I know I need to plan better or I will feel overwhelmed. Or actually, I’m already past that point, which is why I always get stuck there. I’m already at the phase of “just get it done and I’ll think about how to plan better later”. And when later arrives, I’m just too tired, or I think it wasn’t all that bad. Until I get two editing assignments, a writing project and a lot of bookkeeping on my list again. Besides that big house and giant garden and a daughter visiting.
Anyway. Mostly fun and I will get through eventually. But if you know an easy and free but brilliant way to plan these things (lots of different jobs for only one person), please let me know!

Anyway, on to the crafting. I keep telling myself these lists are for fun and so far, that works. They do help me to focus on just a few projects instead of making myself crazy with all the possibilities.

Last week’s list:

✔ start the cowl – I did and I love it so far! It’s going slowly though because I don’t have that much time to read and follow a pattern.
✔ make a headband – finished it this morning.
X start the doll (or one of the other toys)

This week:

– work on the cowl
– make (crochet? – I have to think about it) covers for the top of our chair cushions. They get greasy really fast (from sweaty and salty hair) and washing the cushions is not that easy. They dry slowly and it costs too much electricity each time

What are you making this week?

2 thoughts on “Crafty goals

  1. Yay! I hope you love your cowl!! I'm finishing a toddler sweater and then clueless as to what's next!!! I want to start a cowl but nothing is jumping our at me. I might use Expedition Shawl and just convert to a cowl, I will have to think on it.


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