Three things

When I’m too busy to write real blog posts, it’s always a good time to focus on the little things that make me happy. So that’s what you get today.

Three things that made me smile this week:

1. Parrots! They fly over our house often, but they hardly ever sit down close enough to take pictures of them. I do love the thought that these are ‘everyday birds’ here.

2. Rainbows. We see a lot of those lately too. Well yes, that also means we have a lot of rain, but hey, we need rain for the garden. And I love seeing rainbows! This was actually a double, but the camera didn’t pick up the fainter one.

3. This cat and his shenanigans. Such a quirky mixture between a domesticated house cat and a wild stray.

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6 thoughts on “Three things

  1. What fabulous pictures! Especially your kitty cat!! The shades of white in that photo captivate me. I could see that second rainbow! Faintly, above, in the blue… What a lovely way to start the day. The 'little' things pack a big punch, when we stop to notice them, don't they?


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