A good time

For today I had planned to post a whole bunch of cozy pictures, capturing and documenting the perfect little happy moments of our Christmas days. Sounded like a great plan a few weeks ago. But things worked out a bit differently. I didn’t even touch my camera the past few days and I don’t think there were many occasions to take those pictures I imagined anyway.

We did have a good time though.

I’ve literally been staring at that last sentence for hours, but I don’t know what more to say.

Details? That’s just not how I roll with blogging and family matters. When I start writing diary-style posts, it’s all or nothing for me; I can’t tell my story if I have to skip half the details. But a lot of the details are not mine to share. So it has to be nothing. (I actually wrote a post like that and deleted it)

Wise words? I can’t think of any. I’ve already shared the advice I try to live by in times like these: no (or at least lower) expectations, toss the lists, keep it simple, remember it’s just a date. But I still had sleepless nights and a panic attack on Christmas Eve. So there’s that. Do as I say, not as I do.

We did have a good time though.

Really, we did. We had a messy, imperfect Christmas with ups and downs, laughter and tears, and hits and misses. We tried and failed on a lot of things. But we tried. And maybe that’s all that matters.

I hope you had a good time too.

8 thoughts on “A good time

  1. I’ve had those messy, imperfect Christmases, too. I’m glad that all in all you had a good time. I respect that you are careful about sharing family stories. It’s hard to do that sometimes, especially when blogging has become a circle of trusted friends, but it’s the right thing to do. Although sometimes I’m tempted to start a secret blog and call it “What really happened. . .” LOL!


    1. Yes, that would be so great. I do write blogposts about what really happened, but I always delete them afterwards. I think I need a diary for those stories, but then again, this works too.


  2. Hello. I too, have had those imperfect Christmases when things don’t go as planned or as portrayed in books and movies. I am sorry, especially about the panic attack. I know that feeling, and it is crippling. I send hugs and thoughts for a calmer week for you.


    1. Thank you. I caught it before it got really bad (a largish dose of valerian to the rescue). This week is even more stressful with a lot of “last” visits (going home and not returning for four or five months), but after that I’m going to rest and relax.


  3. I am convinced those who share picture perfect moments are all about staging the moment and not enjoying the time spent together. No one has those perfect celebrations where nothing goes awry, it’s just not real life. So we have started having Christmas our way, messy, frantic at times, and totally real! More fun than the perfection Social Media has led us to believe is how people live. I don’t have time to prepare perfect picture moments, I am too busy being in the moment. And 90% of my pics are of Squish being Squish!


    1. Oh, I can imagine taking so many pictures of Squish, they are so much fun at that age! I have lots of very imperfect pictures of R. too, but he was sleeping in his mother’s arms most of the time.
      I do want to try to mix real life and beautiful pictures on my blog, but sometimes that just doesn’t work out.


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