Ten things

Ten things that make me happy right now:

Sunsets. Of course. But also the fact that we’re trying to actually sit on the porch and watch them again. It’s the little things that count

    Headspace. I’ve been completely off Instagram and Youtube for a week now. My goodness. I had no idea mindless scrolling took so much mental energy. Well, to be honest, I suspected it, but I didn’t want to admit it might be better to quit doing that. But it is.

    Knitting. When it clicks, that is, and it did. I’m happily knitting away on the BSJ and I’m thinking to start being active on Ravelry (I have a sleeping account to be able to view patterns) again, just for fun

    Seeing some progress in the garden and actually enjoying working at it. . I do believe I’ll get it under control soon.

    Cats, birds, iguana’s. Love watching them.

    Counting down the days until we go to The Netherlands. Can’t wait to see our grandson. When we last saw him, he was only 18 days old. He wll be 5 months when we see him again.

    The plans T. and I are talking about, for the house and the land we have. It will take years to complete, but we are slowly getting to the point where we know what we want, instead of just calling out possibilities (love those talks too, by the way).

    The wisdom (?) that comes with time. Not too long ago I wasn’t too happy with the plans I mentioned above, since it meant I had to give up my dream to cultivate all the land we have into a giant botanical garden. I’ve always dreamt of maintaining a really, really big garden, but in the past few years I’ve learnt that I’m not a “niche” person, nor will I ever be. I love gardening, but I also want to have time to knit, sew, write, cook and who knows what else I come up with. And I’m not getting any younger. So I’m happy with the two big lots I have to play with (still more land than we ever owned before), but I’m also happy that it’s getting more and more clear what parts will be used for other things eventually.

    My plants. I bought a new one when I was grocery shopping this week. I love the name on the tag: African Queen. I don’t know what species it is, though. Google tells me there are a lot of plants that are called African Queen.

    Being able to list ten things I’m happy about (yeah, I know, I’m kind of cheating here). The cloud of depression is finally lifting, slowly, but steadily.

    And you? What makes you happy today?

    Wishing you all a great start to your week!

    6 thoughts on “Ten things

    1. what a lovely list!! I’m lucky that I see my grandson 3 times a year (maybe four) I wish they lived closer but it’s not my reality. Like you we have fun making plans for our current house and property. I need to do some kind of media purge, I like the headspace you created.


    2. Hello! What a wonderful list. Seeing your sweet grandbaby will be the best, I am sure! And I agree with you on time bringing wisdom. I think back to my younger self and smile because I really thought I had it all figured out! I am so glad you are feeling the sun now that the cloud of depression is lifting. I am familiar with that.


      1. To be honest, I wish I still had that confidence I had back then, even though I was often wrong. But I’m grateful for the things I do figure out now.


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